Cardiovascular PGX Health Test

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Understand Your Medication Response

There are a number of different medications used to treat heart-related conditions, but depending on your genetic variants, certain medications may not work as effectively or may cause mild to severe negative side effects. Through genetic testing, your doctor can better understand your body’s reactions to medicine and prescribe more suitable medications at optimal dosages.

Develop a Treatment Plan with More Confidence

Gain clarity regarding your genetics to help you and your doctor understand your risks of developing certain heart-related health conditions, develop a preventative or maintenance plan for a healthy heart, and find an appropriate medication match. Cardiac DNA Insight can help you and your physician create a personalized roadmap designed to lead you toward optimal heart health.

A Roadmap for Cardiovascular Health Medication

Pharmacogenomics (PGx) analyze your DNA to predict how you will respond to 30+ different drugs used in the treatment for cardiovascular health, including but not limited to: Statins, Anti-Coagulants, Beta Blockers, and Anti-Hypertensives, delivering a Personalized Medicine Report unique to you!